Happy (Almost) New Year, everybody!

This year, we’re going to be doing things a bit differently. We won’t be hosting a new article tonight, barring some crazy news event (like last night’s DDoS of Crunchyroll).

Instead, we figured we’d do something a bit different, a bit more special. This New Year’s Eve, we’ll talk nerdy directly to you.

Iwata DIrect To You Gif

Starting at 8:30PM Eastern (5:30 Pacific), we’re going to be kicking off a live broadcast with the Nerdy Talk crew, that will take us into the new year! You can join us, and join in the fun, by watching right here, or by heading over to the YouTube page, where we’ll be opening the floor to questions. The topics are a surprise (even to the hosts!), and everything will be unscripted.

So join us as we roll into the new year. We’ll talk nerdy to you.