As anime fans, we tend to really lose sight of the fact that the medium is fairly offbeat. There are many out there who shy away from the hobby due to misconceptions that are only reinforced in pop culture.

There are folks who subscribe to the idea that anime is full of stereotypical super-fast dubs and stilted translations. Others worry that the fanbase is filled with neck-bearded outcasts that lurk in parents’ basements everywhere. Then, of course, there’s the ever-popular “most of it is porn” argument.

You and I both know that these arguments aren’t true. Anime is a rich medium that offers something for everybody, with an incredible variety of content.

So what happens when folks who don’t watch anime are exposed to two of last year’s hottest shows? To put it simply, minds are blown.

In a recent video, Buzzfeed had a panel of viewers sit down with Kill la Kill and Attack on Titan. Much like the Teens React or Kids React series from thefinebros, the Buzzfeed crew record their subjects’ reactions.

It’s a bit cringe-worthy and hammy at points but, given that it’s Buzzfeed, that comes with the territory.