Love Live Snow Halation 001 - 20150121

Snow Miku is finding herself in good company this year!

Last week, we reported that Aniplex would be erecting a special Madoka Magica snow sculpture at this year’s Sapporo Snow Festival, as a complement the now-famous Snow Miku. Specifically, a sculpture of Kyubey would be erected, along with a Madoka Magica pop-up shop.

Apparently, contracts and magical girls aren’t everybody’s thing. Some people prefer to get their inspiration from a μ’s or two. Specifically, those who bring a bit of Snow Halation with them during the winter.

Japanese blog Esuteru reports that super-deformed snow sculptures of Honoka, Umi and Kotori from Love Live! will be built for this year’s Sapporo Snow Festival. They will be on display from February 5 through February 11, with illumination allowing for night viewing.

Like the Kyubey display, a Love Live! merchandise booth will be opened near the sculptures. The available items for purchase will be announced as we get closer to the first day of the festival.