Sentai Filmworks is saying it loud and saying it proud. Cosplayer extroadinaire Jessica Nigri will be playing the role of Super Sonico in the company’s upcoming release of Soni-Ani: Super Sonico The animation. Nigri previously cut her teeth in voice acting when she played the role of Cinder in Rooster Teeth’s RWBY.

This isn’t Nigri’s first encounter with the character. She’s used Sonico as a cosplay subject on several occasions.

According the official press release, Nigri stated the following about her role in the show:

I always felt a connection with Sonico… She’s just got such a positive and genuine spirit about her that when they asked me about playing the part, I squealed with joy! It’s like my dream was finally coming true. Being here with my Sentai family has been surreal.

While we at the Herald weren’t exactly fans of the show, we do wish Ms. Nigri the best of luck in her upcoming role.

Update 1/23/2015: Sentai Filmworks tweeted about the announcement last evening with a goofy short message and a photo.