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Take a trip to the an ancient garden… Muza-chan’s back with another location write-up. This time around, she’s hitting the road to a 400-year-old garden near the New Otani hotel. Originally part of the residence of Samurai Kato Kiyomasa, the garden has been carefully preserved as a cultural landmark.

MangaGamer’s looking for input! Visual novel fans have a chance to bend the ear of publisher MangaGamer. A recent survey asks fans which conventions they’re hitting up, and what games they’d like to see localized for western release.

Assassination Class: Postponed. Due to the hostage situation that Japan is currently involved with, comedy series Assassination Classroom will be indefinitely postponed. It’s sad news, and the reaction may seem extreme to anime fans.

Still, we’re talking about a situation in which human lives are at stake, and blood is being spilled. Hopefully, a resolution can be reached before a second innocent life is taken.

Let your fingers do the walking! Ever wanted to get in touch with a favorite English voice actor? You’re in luck! Organization ASG has compiled an exhaustive list of active performers in the industry.

Me! Me! …Me? Me! Me! Me! is a music video that’s opened the door for a hefty amount of commentary in the community. The combination of music and surreal imagery has invited people to share their theories and observations.

me me me 001 - 20150125


Blogger Leap250 decided to throw his hat into the ring as he discusses the parallels between the feature and the general desensitization of the fan culture.

Desu! Apparently, this is a thing. Some devoted fan created a one-page shrine to Karen of Kinmoza!, which includes a 10-hour loop of her cheerfully repeating those endearing two syllables.

Kinmoza 001 - 20150125

Shibuya silliness! Nozomi Entertainment is currently streaming the entire run of comedy series Super GALs! It’s a silly show with a lot of heart, that won a number of fans back in the day. With a free YouTube stream, it’s the perfect way to spend a weekend with an overlooked gem.