In today’s day and age, the floppy disk is somewhat of an anachronism. While it’s the universal symbol for saving data, the actual drives themselves haven’t been in wide use since the late ’90s.

And, really, why would one bother? A pitiful 1.4 megabyte capacity, bulky mechanical drives, and the fact that the disk could be wiped out by a weak magnet ensure that floppies will remain a relic of the past.

With that in mind, though, what is a person to do with the remaining floppy drives?

YouTuber MrSolidSnake745 found a truly inspired solution to this question. Rather than recycle his drives (recycle your computer components, folks!), Snake instead opted to use the components to make music.

MrSolidSnake75 uses a rig of eight connected floppy drives to create covers of iconic musical pieces. These include Ray Parker Jr.’s Ghostbusters, the Imperial March from Star Wars, and Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata.

Recently, though, MrSolidSnake75 turned his attention toward the anime world. His latest two songs consist of covers of the themes to Attack on Titan and Cowboy Bebop. And, while they’re not exactly Beethoven’s latest and greatest, these renditions are an interesting curiosity, to say the least.