Those who haven’t heard of Man At Arms are missing something fantastic. The web series, which is produced by Defy Media, features a team of master blacksmiths as they recreate popular weapons from fiction. This could be anything, from Batman’s claw weapons, to Link’s Fierce Deity Sword. Anything and everything is on the table.

The most recent episode of Man At Arms: Reforged sees the group take on a truly unique weapon. After being bombarded with requests to craft a replica of Kill la Kill‘s iconic scissor blade, the group decided it was a worthy project.

There’s always a hook, though. While the episode begins with an explanation of the plasma cutting process, and even shows the creation of a blade made in this manner, the project needed a bit more “oomph” for the crew. To go that extra mile, the team instead opts to do it the Trigger way, but taking it a step further and forging their scissor blade out of actual scissors.

As the crafting process proceeds, the smiths explain the entire crafting process in a documentary format. It’s a fascinating feature, that will have just about any viewer eager to see that final reveal.

And before you ask, yes. The final product is freaking cool