Last last year, Aniplex and Key came together to announce a few new projects. The stars of the event were, naturally, the Angel Beats! OVA and visual novel, which were hyped to great fanfare. In addition to the Angel Beats! reveals, though, was a reveal for a new anime series that was simply titled Charlotte.

Charlotte was announced to be a joint project between Key and P.A. Works (Shirobako) that would incorporate the talents of Angel Beats! writer Jun Maeda and character designer Na-Ga. A key visual was shown, a trailer was released, but things just seemed to go quiet at that point.

The latest Dengeki G’s magazine broke the silence this week, with information on the show’s base premise and characters.

Charlotte will be set in a world in which children gain super powers as they reach puberty. These special users are known simply as “Nouryokusha mono”, or “Ability Users.”

The series will follow a group of Ability Users on Hoshi no Umi (“Sea Star”) Academy’s student council. As their powers manifest, these once-normal kids will have to deal with the consequences and problems that will arise.

The confirmed cast is as follows:

Yuu Otosaka

Charlotte Yuu Otosaka 001 - 20150129

Yuu Otosaka is the double-punch of rude and a bad student. Yuu’s special power grants him the ability to hijack the bodies of other people for five seconds at a time.

Being the sterling example of academis, Otosaka uses his abilities to cheat on his school work. He jumps to more devoted students, peeks at their answers, and uses them in his own assignments.

Nao Tomori

Nao is the student council president. She’s a hard-working, yet narcissistic individual who is able to disappear from the vision of other people. Well… kind of. She can disappear from the view of one person at any given time.

The Invisible Woman, she is not.

Joujirou Takajou

Joujirou bears a similarity to Angel Beats! character Takamatsu. He can move so quickly that it looks like he’s teleporting to the average observer. That said, though, he can’t exactly control where he stops, so he needs to wear protective gear under his clothes. Just in case.

Nishimori Yusa

Charlotte Nishimori Yusa 002 - 20150129

Nishimori is the lead singer for the band How-Low-Hello, and a gifted medium. Unfortunately, she tends to bring in an unwanted guest, in the form of her dead older sister. When big sis decides to stop in, Nishimori’s appearance changes, and her eye color changes from blue to red.

How-Low-Hello’s music will be composed and written by series writer Jun Maeda.

Charlotte Nishimori Yusa 001 - 20150129