Snow Miku Gashapon Group 002 - 20150129

With the Snow Miku display just a week away, we’re starting to see merchandise really pick up.

This time around, we’ve gotten wind of a set of adorable gashapon (capsule toys) that focus on various regional incarnations of the Digital Diva. Specifically, the following forms of Miku are in the set:

  • Snow Bell Miku
  • Snow Miku
  • Fox Miku
  • Hokkaido Brown Bear Miku
  • Marimo Miku
  • Rabbit Yukine

The designs for each 4-centimeter (1.57 inches) figure were created by illustrator Kiriku. They have joints in the neck and twin-tails, which allows for limited poseability. The heads are rigged much like figures in Good Smile’s Nendoroid Petit line, which will allow for some truly interesting combinations!

Image Source: Kaho-tan's Blog

Image Source: Kaho-tan’s Blog

The only real question left is “where can I get them and how much are they?” At the moment, the figures cost 463 yen ($3.93 US) each, and can be purchased at three locations:

We can foresee these becoming fairly sought after among Vocaloid collectors, given the limited nature and small window of availability. For those who can’t make it, though, Good Smile provided a number of photos, so fans can get a glimpse of the adorable miniatures.