HeraChanGood afternoon, readers.

Normally, I do a State of the Herald in the summer, in which I lay out hopes and plans for the year. This is still on-track.

There are a few things I’d like to address today, though

First, the good news, though! We’re growing, and growing steadily. In the past 30 days, our analytics set-up at CloudFlare reports that we saw over 250,000 page views, with 140,655 being unique visitors!

For those who aren’t sure of what that means, just be assured that it is awesome. It means that we’re growing steadily, which is a good thing for you, and us alike!

Cloudflare Anime Herald Stats - 20150201

Our reporting will be evolving once again. Previously, we tended to keep news and commentary bunched under the vague “News Commentary” banner. Clearly, this creates a bit of a murky place, where opinion and fact kind of mull about in the ether.

This creates some problems, since it blurs the line between fact and opinion. Also, it pretty much kills our chances of being listed in a listing like Google News or the like, as they want straight news articles.

So, in the interest of accuracy and integrity, we’re going to be splitting things off. All news commentary, the opinion pieces, will be filed under “News Commentary”, which is editorial in nature.

All standard news items, like our Love Live première information or the first details on Charlotte will be placed under the “News Reporting” section. And, of course, fun and offbeat things like the Snow Miku sculpture or character birthdays will still find their home in “Randomness Ensues.”

It’s a small change, but it’s one that will help us to deliver better content to each and every one of you, dear readers.