Last year, Moon Animate, Make Up! arose as a truly inspiring piece of fan art. Over 200 fans came together to re-animate an episode of the classic Sailor Moon from scratch. The roster included fans of all stripes, from amateurs, to seasoned pros that worked on shows like Bob’s Burgers.

It was a true labor of love, with countless unique styles coming together to give life to a beloved episode of the series.

It seems that the movement is inspiring groups to work on similar projects, albeit on a smaller scale. Pokémon ReAnimated is a collaborative project by a group of 32 animators. Spencer Moreland, who led the effort, served as editor on the project.

The feature itself is a quirky blend of nostalgia and parody, with some taking the opportunity to lampoon the beloved series, and others opting to craft a more proper tribute to the series. It’s fun, quirky, and just the right brand of “out there” that really works.

We should warn you that, due to a small segment at the 25-second mark, Pokémon ReAnimated is definitely not safe for work.