Sentai Filmworks’s release of Outbreak Company is due to hit retailers on March 3.

For those who haven’t seen it, Outbreak Company revolves around Shinichi Kanou, an uber-otaku, whose father writes novels, and mother illustrates erotic video games. Rather than inherit either of those talents, Shinichi became… a moe expert. He’s one of the world’s foremost authorities, with a knowledge of all things adorable in just about every possible medium.

Apparently, this has a use outside of online forums, as he’s recruited as the “moe ambassador” to a kingdom in a parallel universe. The Holy Erudanto Kingdom is a land of fantasies, where anime tropes and cliches are a part of everyday life, from the tsundere princess, to the adorable elven maids. Is Shinichi ready for this world of dungeons and dragons? And, more importantly, is the world ready for him?

Now that you’re caught up, Sentai Filmworks announced the English dub cast for Outbreak Company. The dub was directed by Kyle Jones (KanonGatchaman CROWDS), and the roles will be filled as follows:

  • Shinichi: Tyler Galindo
  • Myucel: Juliet Simmons
  • Minori: Genevieve Simmons
  • Petralka: Kira Vincent-Davis
  • Luna: Hannah Alcorn
  • Galius: Christopher Patton
  • Romilda: Sasha Paysinger
  • Jinzaburou: Andy McAvin
  • Brooke: Josh Morrison
  • Zaharl: James Belcher
  • Ms. Teacher: Amelia Fischer
  • Mean Girl: Hannah Alcorn
  • Repeller: Kyle Colby Jones
  • Alessio: Scott Gibbs
  • Elbia: Sara Ornelas
  • Loic: Adam Noble
  • Dwalla: George Manley
  • Ms. Snooty Pants: Sheri Oster
  • Toshiyuki: Clint Bickham
  • Elfko: Amelia Fischer
  • Ume: Annie Mai
  • Game Narrator: Lainee Hooks
  • Vanbasten: Luke Patterson
  • Officer Pervy: Jay Hickman
  • Officer Horny: Clint Bickham
  • Edoardo: Suzelle Palacios
  • Dondihno: Mark X. Laskowski
  • Pele: Sean McManus

In addition to the cast reveal, the official cover art for the release was unveiled:

Outbreak Company Boxart - 20150205


Source: Crunchyroll