A new Snow Fairy Story begins, as 2015’s Snow Miku event kicks off at the Sapporo Snow Festival. While the Sapporo-based Crypton Future Media has been sponsoring the Snow Festival since 2010, the first Snow Miku sculpture appeared at the 2012 event. Since then, the Snow Miku sculpture has continued to grow in popularity and scale with each year.

This year looks to be the biggest yet. Snow Miku’s presence is greater than ever, with two venues (Sapporo’s Odori Park and Sky Town), promotional booths, a pair of concerts. On top of this, the Snow Miku branding can be found on everything, from buses to drink machines.

This isn’t even considering the fact that Miku’s sculpture is joined by Madoka Magica‘s Kyubey and the cast of Love Live!

This year’s Snow Miku sculpture is an adorable scene, which sees a miniature Snow Bell Miku holding a leaf above her head. She’s flanked by bell flowers and snowflakes, as Rabbit Yukine lingers in the background.

Now, before we get to the photo galleries, why don’t we get a little mood music?


This year, social media is packed with photos of every corner of the Snow Miku event, from Sky Town to the Snow Miku soda machines. We’ve selected a number of our favorites from the event, which can be found below. As always, if there’s a photo you particularly like, or a picture that you think we passed over, let us know in the comments!

Snow Miku Sculpture

Sky Town

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