Golgo 13 Ending Notice - 20150206The legendary sniper’s missions are coming to an end.

The latest issue of Shogakukan’s Big Comic magazine reported that Takao Saito’s Golgo 13 manga is working “towards its conclusion at last!!” The next issue, which runs on February 25, will include the 550th installment of the series.

Golgo 13 is one of the longest-running manga titles in publication, having been launched in 1968. Collected volume 175 hit stores in December via LEED Publishing Co.

When asked about a possible ending in 2013, Saito answered that “I always had nightmares about my manga getting cut, and I thought it would get ended right away, so I had an ending prepared.” When asked about the timing of such an ending, Saito stated that “[i]t’s not something that can be decided on… The manga has continued so long that it is no longer the property of the author; it belongs to readers.”

That said, though, Saito seems confident that his ending is ready for prime time. In the 2013 interview, he mentioned that “[t]he ending and even its panel layout are all inside my head. And that’s fine, but I’m going to do my best until the 200th volume.”

Still, those dying to know how Golgo’s adventures would actually end at the time of the interview were met with a laugh and a mention that the details were a “trade secret.”

Source: Anime News Network