Aria the Avvenire Key Visual 001 - 20150203

On Monday, we reported that Mag Garden opened the official Aria the Avvenire website. At the time, we reported that the site revealed that the series was greenlit for production before being taken down.

In this initial launch, the site confirmed that Junichi Sato (Sailor Moon, Aria – The Natural) would direct, and series screenwriter Reiko Yoshida (The Cat Returns, Bakuman) would return to handle scripts on the new show.

The site officially relaunched in the days that followed.

Yesterday, the official Aria the Avvenire website updated with an announcement that Masayuki Onji (Nanaka 6/17, Aoi Hana) will serve as character designer. TYO Animations (Yamada’s First Time, Sengoku Musou TV) will be tasked with animation production.

Masayuki Onji previously worked on the Aria franchise as an animator. He also served as animation director for episode 5 of Aria: The Animation.

TYO Animations was formed in a merger between Hal Film Maker and Yumeta Company. Before the merger, Hal Film Maker was the studio that produced all four of the original Aria anime titles.

Source: Anime News Network