Bandai Namco Pictures will focus on kids' and family shows like Aikatsu!

Bandai Namco Pictures will focus on kids’ and family shows like Aikatsu!

Sunrise is going to be undergoing a few changes.

Earlier today, Bandai Namco Holdings announced that they will split the House That Gundam Built to create a second production company named Bandai Namco Pictures.

Bandai Namco Pictures will be formed from Sunrise’s children’s & family anime division, which currently produces the idol show Aikatsu!. The studio will continues this focus, as it specializes in “broad appeal” titles like the previously mentioned Aikatsu!. In addition, Bandai Namco Pictures will produce and plan original properties, with hopes that a smaller organization can lead to more rapid development.

The company will open in Tokyo’s Nerima Ward, will have 10 million yen ($84,074.59 USD) in capital. The studio will be overseen by Sunrise Representative Director and President Yasuo Miyagawa, who’s taking the reins as Representative Director and President.

Sunrise will shift its focus toward more fan-centric titles, like Mobile Suit Gundam, with plans to expand in this direction. Like before, Sunrise will continue to work closely with Bandai Visual.

Source: ITMedia, Crunchyroll