The Under the Dog KickStarter has recently gone through a number of changes.

In its KickStarter run, Under the Dog raised an impressive $878,028. However, recent events saw production group CIA and producer Hiroaki Yura remove themselves from the project. Instead, animtion studio Kinema Citrus would be taking charge of operations.

Last night, in a letter to backers, story writer Jiro Ishii and director Masahiro Ando confirmed that the project is moving forward, and production is now underway. The full text of each statement is as follows:

We apologize for our long silence.

As it was announced in the recent Kickstarter updates, Under the Dog is getting a fresh and new start!

As our staff roster had been solidified, the animation production is already under way.

From now on, we promise to update this website regularly and frequently to give you our latest and exciting news.

So please look forward to what’s coming, and keep supporting Under the Dog!

As a start, we here present messages from our top two creative talents:

Under the Dog Storywriter Jiro Ishii

Under the Dog Story Writer Jiro Ishii

I’m very glad to hear that the production for Under the Dog has started. And I sincerely apologize for everyone who was left concerned.

Meanwhile, as the original storywriter of Under the Dog, my work had already come to near completion before the launch of the Kickstarter campaign. So the remaining work for me in the backstage now is to root for the production team in presenting a wonderful animation work for the viewers.

As for the production staff, I’ve heard that the members, including Director Ando, who worked on the promotion video (pilot film) are expected to participate again.

This is the team who made the promotion video with such outstanding quality. So I’m excited to find out myself how the actual episode will turn out. I’ll eagerly wait with patience together with all the backers for the project’s completion.

Jiro Ishii

Original storywriter and co-scriptwriter for Under the Dog

Under the Dog Director Masahiro Ando

Under the Dog Director Masahiro Ando

Our production staff is united as one to create animation work that meets the expectations from our backers. So I thank you for your continued support.

Masahiro Ando (Director)