Kosuke Fujishima Expo 001 - 20150219

Japanese publisher Movic announced that they will host an art exhibition for Ah! My Goddess creator Kosuke Fujishima. The exhibition will include over 150 pieces from across the artist’s career, including popular works like You’re Under Arrest!.

In addition to the exhibits, limited-edition goods, which include printed reproductions, stickers, and clear files.

Tickets to the event will be available in two tiers. The standard ticket will cost ¥1,300 ($10.96 USD) at the door, or ¥1,000 ($8.43 USD) if bought in advance. Attendees can also purchase a deluxe ticket for ¥3,300 ($27.81 USD) at the door, or ¥3,000 ($25.28 USD) in advance.

The deluxe ticket will include a bundle of limited-edition gods, which include the following:

  • Colored Illustration Replica
  • Nakajima Kikka school student handbook
  • Nekomi Tech Lanyard

Currently, three venues are scheduled for the Fujishima exhibition:

  • Tokyo: Tokyo Solamachi, 5th Floor, Space 634 – 2/24/2015 – 3/1/2015
  • Osaka: Daimaru Umeda, 15th Floor Daimaru Museum – 3/11/2015 – 3/16/2015
  • Nagoya: Nagoya Maruei 8th Floor, Fairground – 3/19/2015 – 3/24/2015

According to NTMedia, the event will be Fujishima’s first large-scale exhibition. It’s being held to commemorate the release of the first collected volume of Fujishima’s Paradise Residence. The 2008 series was originally put on hold as Fujishima’s attention focused his energy on Ah! My Goddess. He resumed work on the project 2014, returning to print in the July issue of Afternoon magazine.

Paradise Residence Volume 1 will ship to Japanese retailers on February 23.

Note: The expo tweeted about the merchandise for sale at the event, which we’ve posted below.

Translation: We offer five types of clear file. Each is 350 yen plus tax. #KosukeFujishima

Translation: Itasha stickers. We have 3 kinds of removable sheets, which allows for easy removal of air bubbles. It doesn’t hurt the paint job, and resists the weather for 5 years! Since I don’t have a car, I tried to put one on my PC… Each is 3,000 yen plus tax. #KosukeFujishima

Source: NTMedia