Gatchaman Crowds Key Visual 001 - 20150224In North America, Gatchaman CROWDS has been available in a number of forms. From the beginning, the show has streamed on services like Crunchyroll. Fans looking to buy it on DVD and Blu-Ray have had the opportunity to do so since September.

In the United Kingdom, though, Gatchaman CROWDS hasn’t seen a physical release.

Last month, Animatsu announced that they acquired the license for the show, though formats were not revealed at the time.

Earlier today, Animatsu Entertainment announced that they will release the series on DVD and Blu-ray in the UK. The company will ship the series to retailers in a complete collection on April 27. Blu-ray buyers can expect to pay £28.75 ($44.50 USD), while the DVD edition will cost £17.75 ($27.47).

Source: Otaku News (Thanks to Eric Lewis for the tip!)

Editor’s note: We’re a bit proud of this one. We were actually quoted in the press release! -MF