Just a few short days ago, the girls of KanColle took to the battlegrounds of fast food. The girls seized control of  Pizza Hut, plastering their image on every pizza box, and assuming control of Tokyo’s Kanda location. Everything, from the windows to the scooters, was adorned with KanColle decals.

Tomorrow, the conquest continues, as the brand sets its sights on Lawson convenience stores.

KanColle Lawson Key Visual 001 - 20150302

From March 3 through March 16, customers who purchase a bottle of Yunker energy drink will receive one of four limited-edition posters.

KanColle Lawson Key Posters 002 - 20150302

Starting March 15, customers who purchase three specially marked of Lotte sweets will receive one of four clear files.

Those who go in for the clear file can also enter to win a limited-edition 60-pin set by sending their receipt in to Lawson.

From March 17 through April 13, the chain will hold a points lottery for customers who purchase qualifying Asahi. Possible prizes include stickers, a KanColle T-shirt, limited edition figures, and an autographed poster.

During this same period, a points lottery will run for qualifying purchases of Lawson’s L-Chiki fried chicken. Prizes will include mouse pads, standees, and an alarm clock with messages from the voice cast.

KanColle Lawson Standee 001 - 20150302

There are other events planned for the promotion, but they haven’t gone live yet.

Sources: Anime News Network, Crunchyroll