Apparently, this really was a thing.

The official Japanese website for the 2014 live-action adaptation of Kite published a new promotional visual. For the visual, Kite creator and director Yasuomi Umetsu produced an art piece depicting Sawa, who’s played by India Eisley in the film.

Kite Live Action - Umetsu Key Visual - 20150313

Unlike the popular depiction of Sawa, which is a brunette girl in a school uniform, Eisley’s depiction of the character is a red-head in a crimson dress and thigh-high leggings. A postcard featuring Umetsu’s art will be handed out to the first 3,000 attendees of the film when it opens in Japan on April 11.

Kite was originally released as an adults-only OVA in 1999. The feature was inititally released by Media Blasters in North America in edited form in 2000. A fully uncut edition of the OVA wouldn’t hit retailers until 2006.

The live-action adaptation was directed by Ralph Ziman (Gangster’s Paradise: Jerusalema, The Zookeeper), and features Samuel L. Jackson as Lt.¬†Karl Aker. The film hit North American theaters in August 2014, courtesy of Anchor Bay Entertainment. Upon its release, Kite was widely panned, garnering a 0% on Rotten Tomatoes and a 19/100 on ratings aggregator Metacritic.

For those who are curious, we’ve posted the trailer, and a bit of teaser footage from Film Festivals and Indie Films below.


Promo Clip:

Source: Crunchyroll