I have to admit that I have a lot of respect for cosplayers. The amount of effort that they put into their costumes, getting every detail absolutely perfect is nothing short of astounding.

Every so often, though, we do see some examples that trend a bit more on the “offbeat” end of the spectrum.

Recently, a series of rather unique Love Live! cosplay photos has been making its rounds through the Japanese Twitterverse. The costume isn’t one of the main girls of μ’s, per se, but rather a doll based on a character.

Honoka Doll Cosplay 001 - 20150313

Your eyes aren’t fooling you. That’s a cosplay of a ball-jointed doll based on μ’s center Honoka Kosaka. The idea for the costume actually came about when Twitter user Vern_lost’s mother discovered his/her account. Apparently, she found out that s/he was a bit of a doll freak. And, well, s/he feared that a short life was going to be cut incredibly short by the discovery.

Instead, though, this user’s mother got to work. After a few minutes of shock, she said “let me borrow a doll, any one. I’ll make you a costume.” And make a costume, she did. Vern_lost’s mother worked for three weeks putting together a costume based on the Honoka ball-jointed doll. To go with it, she made a pair of dresses: one based on the outfit Honoka wears in the Kira Kira Sensation PV, and one based on her Yume no Tobira PV attire.

It’s a touching story, that says a lot about the bond of parent and child.

The costume itself is offbeat, for sure. The costume does capture that dead-eyed stare of the doll it emulates. Still, every detail in the dresses, down to the last stitch is perfect. One really has to marvel at the workmanship that was put into every aspect of the outfit, itself. We have a few more photos below, so be sure to check them out!

For those who want to see the original tweets, we’ve provided them below.

Rough Translation: 

It’s been about three weeks since lending the doll to my mother.

The costume produced by Shiratiko Kongo (“Mother”) – KiraKira Sensation.

Now, I think I’ll buy mom a delicious meal. (Her Love Live knowledge is 0… So she can also borrow the BD Box. )

Rough Translation: 

The costume produced by Shiratiko Kongo (“Mother”)

Second costume, “Yume no Tobira”

The two costumes across three weeks have had a lot of work. It’s clean and finished in a very delicate manner.

First tweet [KiRa-KiRa Sensation!] https://twitter.com/vern_lost/status/575264836931616768

Source: IT Media