In North America, Sankarea has had a fairly spotty history in North America.

The series first shipped to retailers in 2013 in a Blu-Ray/DVD combo pack. Only, instead of the uncut version of the show, the sets included the censored broadcast version. FUNimation recalled the title shortly before its release date, citing that they’d be upping the age rating to TV-MA, and releasing it uncut.

Nearly eighteen months later, Sankarea is ready to return to DVD and Blu-Ray in fully uncut, un-edited form. The series will ship in a complete Blu-Ray/DVD combo pack. The series will hit retailers on March 31, proudly bearing its the TV-MA rating.

To promote the release, FUNimation posted a dubbed trailer for the release to its YouTube channel. The 78-second piece is a tongue-in-cheek endorsement of the series, promising “several unaired scenes” and “seconds upon seconds” of extra footage.

This is the second trailer that FUNimation produced for Sankarea. We’ve posted the first trailer, which was first run in July 2013, below.