For fans of Shirobako, the oh-so-addictive office dramedy about the anime industry, the name “Studio Titanic” should sound familiar. It’s the driving force of a lot of the second season’s conflict, staffed by second-rate animators who don’t share the love of the process that’s seen at Musani Animation.

That said, though, the face of the studio building is incredibly distinct. With a bold sea-blue sign, and a full sculpture of the front of the RMS Titanic crashing through an iceberg, it’s a powerful impression to make.

Studio Titanic Ibaraki - Anime Reference - 20150316

Of course, one could argue that a studio that uses the Titanic as its namesake and literal masthead would be a bad place to go, but such is the nature of anime.

Anyway, the studio is based on a real location. Vintage Club Murai, a liquor store and café, features the same basic design, from the blue lettering to the ship masthead poking out the front.

Vintage Club Murai.  Image credit: Esuteru

Vintage Club Murai.
Image credit: Esuteru

Over the past few weeks, though, the shop’s gotten a bit of a face lift. On Saturday, Vintage Club Murai unveiled their new storefront, which is modeled after Shirobako‘s Studio Titanic, down to the triumphant HMS Titanic bursting through the ice.

Keen-eyed fans will also notice that the car parked in front is identical to Musani Animation’s own transport car!

Rough Translation:Good morning. Thanks to everyone’s effort, we completed Studio Titanic. ^_^ Thank you all!

We’ve gathered a few photos from the new storefront below, so be sure to check them out!

Source: Esuteru