The anime within an anime about making is about to become a reality!

Earlier today, the official Shirobako Twitter account tweeted that the first episode of Third Aerial Girls Squad will be produced as an extra for

Rough Translation: [Notice 3] We’re formally announcing that the OVA on Volume 7 will be the first episode of “Third Aerial Girls Squad.” Rather than just a bonus video like Exodus!, the first episode is a chubby 24 minutes! Please stay tuned! #musani glasses

Third Aerial Girls Squad is the “show within a show” that Musani Animation is working on during the second season of Shirobako. Like Exodous!, the series is featured in clips and artwork through the course of the season, and its completion serves as the major driving goal for the studio’s plucky crew.

Last month, an episode of Exodous! was bundled as an OVA extra on Shirobako‘s third Blu-Ray Volume. A 3-minute preview made its way online shortly before the release hit Japanese retailers.

In North America, Sentai Filmworks currently holds the license for the series.