Long name, crazy premise!

Earlier today, the official website for the A Boring World Where the Concept of “Dirty Jokes” Does Not Exist anime series (try saying that five times fast!) updated with a new 90-second promo video.

Note: May not be safe for work.

The voice cast and crew have already been announced for the show, and are as follows:


  • Tanukichi Okuma: Yusuke Kobayashi (Selector Infected Wixoss, Witch Craft Works)
  • Ayame Kajou: Shizuka Ishigami (Bladedance of Elementalers, Tribe Cool Crew)
  • Anna Nishikinomiya: Miyu Matsuki (Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya, Hidamari Sketch)
  • Hyouka Fuwa: Saori Goto (Galaxy Angel X, Steins;Gate)
  • Otome Saotome: Satomi Arai (Mekakucity Actors, Mekakucity Actors)
  • Raiki Gouriki: Kenta Miyake (Assassination Classroom, Berserk: The Golden Age)
  • Kosuri Onigashira: Yui Horie (B Gata H Kei – Yamada’s First Time, Magi – The Kingdom of Magic)
  • Oboro Tsukimigusa: Sumire Uesaka (Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions!, Girls und Panzer)
  • Binkan-chan: Yui Ogura (D.C.III ~Da Capo III~)


  • Director: Youhei Suzuki
  • Series Composition: Masahiro Yokotani
  • Character Designer: Masahiro Fujii
  • Production: J.C. Staff

A Boring World Where the Concept of “Dirty Jokes” Does Not Exist is set in a Japan of the future. Sixteen years from now, the “Law for Public Order and Morals in Healthy Child-Raising” bans all coarse language in the nation.

Teenager Tanukichi Okuma is just an average kid, enrolling in Japan’s leading public moral schools. However, his days of morals may soon be at an end. He’s invited to join the Anti-Societal Organization (SOX) by its founder, Ayame Kajou. And, by “invited,” I mean “blackmailed.” As a new member, Tanukichi ends up becoming a part of numerous obscene acts of light-hearted terrorism against the school’s student council and its president, Anna.

the show’s key visual is below:

Shimoseka Key Visual 001 - 20150321

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