There you go, Astro Boy, on your flight into space!

Yesterday, the official website for the Astro Boy reboot project started streaming an 82-second teaser video. The video first ran at Monaco’s MAGIC convention.

The project is a joint production between Japan’s Tezuka Productions, France’s Caribara Animation, and Monaco’s Shibuya Productions. It will be a 26-episode series, which will target children between thea ges of eight and twelve.

Shibuya Productions founder Cedric Biscay noted that the team has the right to create a new story, due to Tezuka Productions’ ownership of the franchise.

According to the video, Florian Thouret will serve as Astro Boy‘s director and graphic designer. Yuichiro Maeda will provide the show’s music, and Chiyako Maeda is credited for “Voice.”

A promotional visual for the series is also available, which you can check out below.

Astro Boy Reboot Key Visual 001 - 20150322

Source: Anime News Network