If you stop to think about it, the local neighborhood bar is an interesting place. It’s where people of all backgrounds and lifestyles come together, and where all (over the drinking age) are welcome, so long as they have the cash for a drink. Why people are there differs from person to person. Some go to meet friends, others head out to mingle. Some, though, just take a trip to the bar to get a few drinks, and ponder where they belong in life.

Such is the driving force behind Chie Shinkyū’s Wakako Zake. Wakako Zake revolves around Wakako, a 26-year-old woman who heads tot he bar each night, drinking different types of saké and searching for her place to belong.

It looks like Wakako-zake will be making its move to the anime world. The latest issue of Tokuma Shoten’s Monthly Comic Zenon magazine announced that a Wakako Zake anime series was greenlit for production. At the moment, no further details are known about the series.

This won’t be Wakako’s first trip to TV, though. A Wakako-zake live-action series was announced last year, and hit BS Japan in January. The series was greenlit for an over-the-air broadcast, though no details on a première date were revealed.

The Wakako Zake manga series began running in Monthly Comic Zenon in 2011. Four collected volumes were released by Tokuma Shoten, with the most recent hitting bookstores in December. You can check out the manga covers, and a few print samples (via Crunchyroll) below:

Source: Anime News Network