Earlier today, fans said goodbye to the world of Tokyo Ghoul, as the final episode of Tokyo Ghoul √A hit the airwaves.

Perhaps these farewells were a bit premature, though.

The end of the episode contained an announcement that an OVA based on Tokyo Ghoul: JACK was greenlit for production. Even better, the OVA slated for release later this year.

A tweet by the official Tokyo Ghoul Twitter account confirmed the news.

Rough Translation: Tokyo Ghoul [JACK] is getting an OVA adaptation! Young Ace investigators Arima Kishō and Fura Taishi of the 7th Ward’s Special Class Investigators meet, it’s a gem of an episode! Have fun!

Tokyo Ghoul: JACK is a prequel to the original Tokyo Ghoul, which revolves around an incident in Tokyo’s 13th Ward that involves a ghoul that feats on humans. To learn the truth about the fate of his friend, high school student Taishi Fura joins ace investigator Kishō Arima to pursue a ghoul known only as “Lantern.” It’s an origin story, that explains how the duo first met.

Source: Anime News Network