Love Live fans are in for a wonderful rush today!

The newest issue of Dengeki G’s magazine public a new key visual for the upcoming Love Live! SunShine!!. The new visual is an update of the piece that hit the web on February 26. In the original visual, a mysterious red-haired girl stood in the middle of a wide beach shot, with the text “Help, Love Live!” hovering just above her.

Love Live Sunshine Teaser 001 - 20150226

The new visual includes the same scene, though the girl is now flanked by eight other mysterious characters, who will presumably make up the show’s idol group.


We’ve taken the liberty of cropping the image to give a better look at the new characters:

Love Live SunShine Key Visual 002 - Close-Up - 20150327

On the opposite page from the new visual is a short teaser, which reads “Love Live! SunShine!! 2015/04/30 START”

Love Live SunShine Dengeki Gs Teaser 001 - 20150327

Dengeki G’s also tweeted the image earlier today:

Rough Translation: Love Live! Sunshine !! Start !! – http://Gs.Dengeki.Com/news/23497/ #GeesMagazine

Source: Dengeki G’s Magazine, Crunchyroll