Earlier today, Aniplex started streaming a pair of videos for Nisekoi:. The company uploaded a promotional video and a TV spot to its YouTube channel, both of which feature Nisekoi: opening theme Rally Go Round.

While the videos aren’t yet available to North American users via the official accounts, fans have uploaded both to services like DailyMotion. You can check them out below:

Promotional Video

TV Spot

Nisekoi: is the sequel to Nisekoi, which ran in from January through May, 2014.

Chief director Akiyuki Shinbo (father of the SHAFT Head Tilt), director Naoyuki Tatsuwa, and character designer Nobuhiro Sugiyama will all return, with animation being produced by SHAFT. The main cast members from Nisekoi will also return to reprise their roles for the season.

Aniplex currently holds the rights to the original series, and is selling Blu-Ray singles of the show. Each four-episode volume carries a retail price of $64.98.

Yesterday, Crunchyroll confimed that Nisekoi: will be available for streaming on their platform.

Source: Anime News Network