AB2K15 - Opening Ceremonies 001 - 20150406

As Anime Boston’s doors opened, it seemed as if things couldn’t get better. It was a warm day in the city, with clear blue skies and a gentle breeze, which seemed to offer welcome relief to the chilly conditions earlier in the week. Registration lines were kept in check by a new automated system and, while the lines to get in were lengthy due to bag checks, they moved quickly.

The convention kicked off with Opening Ceremonies. Fans streamed into the main auditorium, filling the seats until the room was packed to capacity. As the clock struck 10:30, the house lights dimmed, and the now-traditional “Cosplot” sketch began.

For the uninitiated, the “Cosplot” is Anime Boston’s name for a series of short series that serve as a sort of bookend to the convention. Actors playing as convention mascots A-chan and B-kun perform short scenes, which are set within the theme of the year’s event. This year, the topic was “Kaiju vs. Mecha” and, in keeping in this light, B-kun was cast in the role of a somewhat clueless mecha pilot, as A-chan played a snarking kaiju.

AB2K15 - Opening Ceremonies 004 - Small - 20150406

The duo made a few wisecracks and jokes, warming up the crowd before convention chair Victor Lee and vice chair Lauren Gallo took to the stage. As with years in the past, the two discussed topics of general interest such as the formal ball, the charity that the convention would be supporting this year, and the new ticketing system for Anime Boston’s two concert events.

After the two finished their announcements, Lee and Gallo began introducing the show’s guests. One by one, the guests took to the stage, gave a quick message to the crowd, and took their leave.

Amid the greetings and the welcoming comments, though, was Haruo Nakajima. Nakajima-san, who played the role of Godzilla, King of Monsters, sauntered onto the stage with an interpreter in tow. He wasn’t content with just giving his greeting, though. Nakajima was dead-set on ensuring his interpreter was involved in the show.

After delivering his statement, Nakajima began looking over the interpreter’s shoulder, watching what he wrote, and even wrapping his arm around the man in a comically chummy manner. He was clearly there to have a good time, and he wanted the world to know.

AB2K15 - Opening Ceremonies 008 - Small - 20150406

After the guests made their remarks, Lee and Gallo took to the stage once more to thank the crowd for attending before setting the audience loose upon the Hynes.

Anime Boston had officially begun.