With the Nisekoi: première hitting tomorrow, Aniplex is getting its marketing mojo going in North America.

The official Aniplex of America YouTube account posted an English-subtitled trailer for the series on April 3. The trailer is identical to the 15-second TV spot that hit Japanese airwaves on March 23.

Nisekoi: is the sequel to Nisekoi, which originally ran from January through May 2014.

Chief director Akiyuki Shinbo, director Naoyuki Tatsuwa, and character designer Nobuhiro Sugiyama are returning to the project. The show’s animation will be produced by SHAFT.

The main cast members from the first Nisekoi will return to reprise their roles for the season.

In North America, Aniplex holds the rights to both Nisekoi and Nisekoi:.

Crunchyroll confirmed that the series will stream on its platform.