Singer and fashion model Yun*chi is releasing a new album. Ani*Yun ~anime song cover~, which hits Japanese record stores on April 14, will include seven covers of popular anime themes.

To promote the release, a promotional video that features Yun*chi’s full performance of Cardcaptor Sakura opening Catch You Catch Me was uploaded to the artist’s official YouTube channel:

The full track list is as follows:

  1. Koi no Uta (Tamako Love Story [Ending]), Produced by PandaBoy
  2. Catch You Catch Me (Cardcaptor Sakura [Opening]) Produced by Tomoyuki Nakazawa (I’ve)
  3. Ojamajo Carnival!! (Ojamajo Doremi [Opening]), Produced by tofubeats
  4. Sakura Kiss (Ouran High School Host Club [Opening]), Produced by Pas’Lam System
  5. Tenshi no Yubikiri (Kare Kano [Opening]), Produced by kz (livetune)
  6. Viva Namida (Space Dandy [Opening]), Produced by Tachytelic
  7. Kimi ni Todoke” (Kimi ni Todoke [Opening]) Produced by Avec Avec (from Sugar’s Campaign)

The album’s cover artwork was provided by Yoshihiko Umakoshi, who provided character designs for numerous popular titles, including Mushi-shi and Ojamajo Doremi.

Yunchi AniYun Album Cover - 20150411

In addition, a second drawing of Yun*chi by Umakoshi made its way online, which you can check out below:

Yunchi AniYun Character Drawing 001 - 20150411

Source: Crunchyroll