Yesterday, the staff of the Ninja Slayer anime series revealed new details on the upcoming series at a screening event.

Ninja Slayer, which makes its début on April 16, will run for 26 episodes. Each episode, which will have a 15-minute run time, will be followed by a supplementary variety show, titled Ninja Slayer x Music x Entertainment.

King Records also began streaming a trio of Ninja Slayer trailers. The first is a 167-second teaser for the series:

The other two trailers consist of a two-minute merchandise ad, and a 30-second English promo for the show proper.

Merchandise Ad

30-second English Promo

Rock group MELT-BANANA was confirmed to be providing Ninja Slayer‘s second ending theme, Halo Of Sorrow From Animation.

The first DVD and Blu-Ray for the series will hit Japanese stores on June 24. It will include the first eight episodes of the series, event footage, as well as the following extras:

  • Event Footage Featurette
  • Anime Expo “Making-of” Video
  • Audio Commentary
  • USB Drive shaped like a shuriken (Limited Edition Only)
  • Ninja Slayer Original Soundtrack Volume 1 (Limited Edition Only)
  • Back in Black, a new short story by the original authors. (Limited Edition Only)

Fans who pre-order the first volume will also receive a B2-size poster. Retailers like Gamers and Animate will have store-exclusive bonuses.

While remaining Blu-Rays don’t have release dates, the goodies for each Limited Edition were confirmed to be as follows:

  • Limited Edition Volume 2: Ninja Slayer Original Soundtrack Volume 2, Ninja Battle Card set 1
  • Limited Edition Volume 3: “Mysterious Scroll”, Collection of previously unpublished character designs
  • Limited Edition Volume 4: Ninja Battle Card set 2, Drama CD

Ninja Slayer will stream in over 20 countries when it makes its début on April 16. FUNimation holds the streaming and home video rights for the series in North America.

Source: Anime News Network, Anime! Anime!