Babumon digivolves into hype!

Earlier today, the Digimon Adventure website updated, showing that the latest “Digi-Egg” finally hatched. With the event, as always, comes new information.

The site updated with a new key visual for the upcoming Digimon Adventure tri., as well as an update stating that NicoNico’s marathon of the original series will end on May 6.

At the end of the run, NicoNico will stream a new promotional video, as well as the cast list for Digimon Adventure tri.‘s human characters. In addition, Bandai will announce the show’s broadcast channels and première dates.

To commemorate the news, the official Digimon Adventure Twitter account tweeted a pair of updates:

Rough Translation: LAST 50,000! Address is… #デジモン #digimon

Rough Translation: Babumon was born! New information and key visual are up! #デジモン #digimon NADE-NADE thank you!

You can check out the full visual below:

Digimon Tri Key Visual 003 - 20150415

Digimon Adventure tri. is a new entry into the Digimon Adventure anime franchise. The series will feature character designs by Atsuya Uki (Cencoroll) and script supervision by Yuuko Kakihara (Heaven’s Lost Property). Keitaro Motonaga (Magic Knight Rayearth OVA, Jormungand) is directing at Toei Animation.

On March 10, Bandai revealed that Digimon Adventure tri. will reunite the entire original cast for the Digimon partners to reprise their roles. The current cast list is as follows:

  • Agumon: Chika Sakamoto
  • Gabumon: Mayumi Yamaguchi
  • Piyomon: Katori Shigematsu
  • Gomamon: Junko Takeuchi
  • Palmon: Kinoko Yamada
  • Patamon: Miwa Matsumoto
  • Tentomon: Takahiro Sakurai
  • Tailmon: Yuka Tokumitsu

The opening theme, Butterfly will be performed by Kouji Wada. Ayumi Miyazaki’s Brave Heart will be used in the series as an insert song. Both were originally used in the original series, with Butterfly being the show’s opening and Brave Heart serving as the theme for the show’s digi-volution segments.

The series received three key visuals to date, including today’s release. You can check out the previously-released images below:

Source: Crunchyroll