Lupin III Key Visual 002 - 20150421

It appears that the world’s greatest thief is making his mark in Italy before he sets his sights on Japan.

Earlier today, the show’s staff announced that the upcoming Lupin III series will make its Japanese début this fall. The series will air on Nihon TV, as well as a number of other unannounced broadcasters.

Yuji Ohno, the composer for the first two Lupin III shows, will return to score the series. Ohno commented on his involvement with the project, stating that “Lupin is returning to center stage! This is what ‘Lupin Sound’ should be! Please look forward to that kind of music.”

Currently, no Japanese air date has been announced. The series will make its global début in Italy this May on RTI.

This year’s Lupin III series marks the first mainline Lupin show in thirty years. While he’s appeared in numerous films and 2012 spin-off Lupin The Third: The Woman Called Fujiko Mine, the last actual Lupin III TV show finished airing on September 28, 1985.

Source: Comic Natalie