Muco’s life is going to get a bit more lovely.

Earlier today, Lovely Muco! (Itoshi no Muco) creator Takayuki Mizushina took to Twitter to announced that an adaptation of his manga is in the works. A Lovely Muco! will hit Japanese TV for this fall’s anime season.

The manga inspired a two seasons of a short-form adaptation titled Lovely NewMovie: Itoshi no Muco. The series was animated by Douga Kubo and directed by Takenori Mihara. The first season ran from July to December 2013, and spanned 21 episodes. The second season ran from April to October 2014, and spanned 22 episodes.

The Lovely Muco! manga began running in 2011 in Kodansha’s Evening magazine. The seventh collected volume hit stores on April 22.

Mizushina-sensei’s tweet is below:

Rough Translation: Lovely Muco anime releases fall 2015!

What? What’s this? The Lovely Movie isn’t the anime I’m talking about. This time, it’s a real anime. We’ll report new information from time to time, so please stay tuned!

Source: Crunchyroll