Assassinatin Classroom Key Art 001 - 20150122Earlier today, the staff of the live-action Assassination Classroom movie announced that both the Assassination Classroom anime series and the live-action film will get sequels. The anime series is slated for a second season, while the live-action film will receive a second installment.

The live-action film sequel, Ansatsu Kyōshitsu ~Sotsugyō-hen~ (Assassination Classroom ~Graduation Edition~) will hit Japanese theaters in 2016.

The announcement came about at a stage event at TOHO Cinemas Roppongi Hills.

The Assassination Classroom anime series hit Japanese TV on January 9, and is currently ongoing. FUNimation holds the license to the show, and currently streams it on their digital platform. The live-action series opened in Japanese theaters on March 21.

Both titles are based on Yūsei Matsui’s manga of the same name. Viz Media currently publishes the manga in North America.

Shortly after the stage event, the official Assassination Classroom Twitter account tweeted the news:

Rough Translation: We just announced that a second season of the anime and a live-action film sequel are being produced! The decision to go ahead came from the ratings and results of the first installments, and we offer our thanks to everyone that was cheering us on. The staff have also been saying “we want to make the next…!” so we were really glad when that came in!

Source: Anime News Network