It looks like the marketing for Please Teacher! is coming out of its standstill.

Last night, Right Stuf posted a short dub teaser for Please Teacher! to its YouTube channel. The clip, which features Kei, Mizuho, and Marie, is taken from the show’s second episode.

Nozomi Entertainment’s release of Please Teacher! will use the dub from Bandai Entertainment’s original release of the series.

The dub cast is as follows:

  • Mizuho Kazami: Bridget Hoffman
  • Kei Kusanagi: Dave Wittenberg
  • Ichigo Morino: Julie Ann Taylor
  • Konoha Edajima: Karen Strassman
  • Hyosuke Magumo: Kirk Thornton
  • Kaede Misumi: Melissa Fahn
  • Minoru Edajima: Michael McConnohie
  • Koishi Herikawa: Michelle Ruff
  • Maho Kazami: Sandy Fox
  • Marie: Sandy Fox
  • Masaomi Yamada: Tony Oliver
  • Matagu Shidoh: Tony Schnur
  • Hatsuho Kazami: Wendee Lee
  • Nacchan: Wendee Lee
  • Principal Tendo: Doug Stone
  • Kozue Kusanagi: Julie Ann Taylor
  • Kaede Misumi: Rebecca Olkowski
  • Gym Teacher: Tony Oliver

Please Teacher! was originally released in North America by Bandai Entertainment. The series was released across four DVD singles, the first of which hit the market on May 6, 2003.

Right Stuf’s release of the series will ship on June 2, 2015 with a suggested price of $39.99.