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Spirited Away Goes Back To The Famicom In 8-Bit Cinema

Have you ever wondered how Studio Ghibli’s Spirited Away would look if it were a video game? Do you ponder about just how the fantastic vistas and colorful characters of the film would translate from the silver screen to the confines of a grey cartridge?

Well, you’re in luck! Yesterday, CineFix posted their latest entry in their 8-Bit Cinema video series to YouTube. The five-minute short tracks Chihiro’s grand journey through the mysterious world of the film… albeit with the typical classic game trappings.

Joe Hisaishi’s moving soundtrack is lovingly translated to chiptunes, and the spritework is nothing short of phenomenal. The entire experience comes together to create a touching tribute to a masterwork that’s touched the hearts of many fans across the globe, while it continues to inspire new audiences today.


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