Welcome, readers, to a new installment of AniWeekly! The spring anime season is underway, and the flowers outside are finally starting to bloom.

It’s been a busy week, as KyoAni joined the Twitterverse, Obama thanked Japan for anime, and much more!

In The News

La La Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon! It’s official: The upcoming Sailor Moon Crystal Character Music Collection: Crystal Collection album is getting a global release! The album will be offered in over 120 countries via digital music outlets like iTunes starting on May 20.

Dragon dragon, rock the dragon! After nearly 20 years, Dragon Ball is returning to TV! A new series, titled Dragon Ball Super, will hit Japanese TV in July.

A presidential approval. Last week, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe made a diplomatic visit to the White House. During the welcoming ceremony, President Obama thanked Abe (and Japan) for anime, manga, and emojis.

Don’t lose your way, this Memorial Day! Toonami will host a Kill la Kill mini-marathon on Memorial Day weekend. The fun begins at 12:30PM, and runs through the end of the block.

Welcome to Twitter, KyoAni! Kyoto Animation, the studio that brought out works like K-On!, Free!, and Sound! Euphonium, joined the wide world of Twitter.

Cross Ange sells big enough to make more. At a recent fan event, the producer for Cross Ange mentioned that sales of the series were enough to warrant a second season.

μ’s, Music Start… again! The upcoming Love Live! Sunshine!! now has a cast! While μ’s won’t be joining the fun this time (that we know of), a new group of nine idols are stepping up to lead the charge. The cast list was announced for the series, and included names like Anju Inami and Arisa Komiya.

Love Live SunShine Key Visual 002 - Close-Up - 20150327

From The AniBlogging Community

Build your anime blog! Lauren from Otaku Journalist launched her newest book, Build Your Anime Blog: How to Get Started, Stand Out, and Make Money Writing About What You Love on May 1. It’s a fantastic toolkit for those seeking to dive into the crazy world of anime blogging.

Full disclosure, Mike was featured for one of the interviews.

Build your anime blogging toolkit! Earlier in the week, L.B. Bryant of Otaku Review published a short list of tools that belong in any anime blogger’s toolkit. It’s a fantastic list, that’ll give a strong foundation to anybody looking to start up an anime blog of their own.

Exploring manga magnate Shueisha. Mami at Tofugu produced a fantastic photologue of her trip to Shueisha’s offices in Jinbocho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo. The write-up of the experience is capped off with a short, informative interview with an anonymous editor within the company.

Shots fired. Ufotable’s adaptation of Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works is hot right now. People adore the series, and even long-time fans are quick to praise. So much so, that people are quick to forget that Studio DEEN’s 2010 film exists.

That said, though, there may be more merit to DEEN’s work than people give credit. Seventh Style takes up the mantle to champion the film, weighing it against the white-hot TV series that’s currently airing.

Happy 7th Anniversary, Anime Instrumentality! Despite a few setbacks over the years, anime music blog Anime Instrumentality is still running strong after seven years. That’s a heck of an achievement, and we salute them. Here’s to 7 more!

Weekly Fun Stuff!

Have you ever wondered what Studio Ghibli’s Spirited Away would look like, if it were transferred to another medium? What if that medium was video games? What would the experience be like, if Miyazaki stepped away from the silver screen to bring his opus to the NES?

CineFix has you covered. In their latest 8-Bit Cinema piece, the studio retells the modern classic, though they trade the cels for sprites, and the sweeping symphonic score for chiptunes. It’s a loving, playful tribute that’s well worth a watch.

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