Jojos Bizarre Adventure Anime LogoWell, this was unexpected… a bit bizarre, even!

…Wow, that’s awful.

Yesterday, a listing for Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Season 1 appeared on Amazon. The page, which has no image or details, lists Warner Home Video as the company that’s releasing the product.

In North America, Viz Media holds the master merchandise license for Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, and currently distributes the manga series. The company has worked with Warner in the past, going so far as to forge a distribution alliance in 2008. The Jojo release appears to be a release by Warner proper, though.

At the moment, the only known details are the price, format, and release date. The title is slated to carry a suggested price of $49.98 when it hits stores on July 28. At the moment, only a DVD version appears to be confirmed.

Warner Brothers has touched on anime in the past, having released Supernatural: The Anime Series in 2011.

We’ve reached out to Warner for comment, and will update as soon as we hear more about the topic.

Thanks, L.B. Bryant from Otaku Review for the tip!