Dallos Boxart 001 - 20150512Crunchyroll started streaming the 1983 OVA Dallos at 2:00PM Pacific (5:00PM Eastern) today. Currently, the feature is available to Premium subscribers in the United States and Canada.

Dallos was directed by Mamoru Oshii (Ghost in the Shell, Patlabor,Beautiful Dreamer: Urusei Yatsura 2), and animated by Studio Pierrot. The feature is based on an original story by Hisayuki Toriumi, who co-wrote the series with Oshii.

Character designs were provided by Toshiyasu Okada (The Mysterious Cities of Gold), while the music was created by the team of Hiroyuki Nanba and Ichiro Nitta.

Dallos is widely regarded as the first-ever OVA (Original Video Animation). The series made its début on December 21, 1983 and ran until June 28, 1984.

In North America, Discotek currently holds the domestic video rights to the title

Crunchyroll describe the series as follows:

Shun Nonomura is a young man out of Monopolis, a sprawling miner’s colony on the lunar surface. His people mine helium-3 and other essentials for Earth, but in the late 21st century, Earth’s resources are depleted and the planetary government has resorted to authoritarian rule to get what they want. As the put-upon miners – including Shun’s own family and friends – start to organize a revolt, they come under attack from Earth’s new lunar commander: Alex Rigel, a military man unafraid to use force to put down the uprising.

As Shun’s idealism and Alex’s chilly pragmatism clash, Monopolis is thrown into chaos. The last, best hope for victory lies within a mysterious alien artifact that the lunarians worship as a god: Dallos!

Source: Crunchyroll