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Sometimes, reality is stranger than fiction.

Last night, Florida’s WFTV News reported that an officer in the Casselberry Police Department. Police officer Matthew blunt was suspended for one shift (10 hours) without pay, after sending an off-color text message to his supervisor.

Specifically, Blunt was bragging about winning $32 through the state lottery. Amid his celebration sent Blunt sent a popular image macro of Fuko from Clannad, with the message “Aw, shit, n****!” to supervisor Kristine Pamatian.

Unfortunately for Blunt, while the message was sent from his personal phone, it was sent to Pamatian’s department-issued phone.

According to interim police chief David Del Rosso, Blunt took full responsibility for his actions. The suspension is his first disciplinary action since joining the force in 2010.

So remember, folks: watch what you text!

We’ve provided the full video segment below:

Source: WFTV News