There’s bikinis, there’s warriors… what else is there to know?

Joking aside, the official website for anime adaptation of Bikini Warriors went live today, confirming that the series is in production, and that it will hit Japanese TV this July.

Bikini Warriors Anime Key Visual 001 - 20150516

Bikini Warriors will be based on Hobby Japan and Megahouse’s line of figures of the same name, which feature character designs from several prominent Japanese artists.

The characters pictured in the above visual include:


Bikini Warriors Fighter - 20150516

This character, who was designed by Cute Devil Girlfriend artist Hisasi, is basically a walking tank. She’s skilled in hand-to-hand combat, adept in the use of close-range weapons and little else. She takes out her foes with sheer will and brute strength.


Bikini Warriors Paladin - 20150516

Paladin, who was designed by Onigiri-kun (Beat Angel Escalayer), is an adept knight, who uses her entire arsenal to defend the weak from the forces of evil. Paladins are often thought that the class far outclasses the Fighter, but they struggle when pinned down by multiple foes.

In addition, Paladins tend to be a bit tone-deaf toward the will of the masses, as many come from the echelons of high society.


Bikini Warriors Mage - 20150516

The humble Mage was designed by saitom, who provided character designs for Ninja Slayer. As one would expect, Mages are the last person you want in a sword fight, though they can wipe out the most powerful of adversaries with ease if they use their magic.

Mages tend to be smart, but fairly introverted and terrible with getting their point across to other people.

Dark Elf

Bikini Warriors Dark Elf - 20150516

Dark Elves, who were designed by hentai artist Oda Non, are a gorgeous race who, on the surface, seem like naturals to the adventurer’s life. They’re skilled with their hands, and their hearing is second to none. In battle, Dark Elves are able to use (and enchant) a special sword, giving them a leg up in close quarters.

But (there’s always a but), they’re fairly flighty, and unable to give 100% in just about any situation.

The Bikini Girls figure line features two other character types, which were not featured in the visual. The Hunter (designed by Black Lagoon creator Rei Hiroe) and the Valkyrie (designed by Shining Arts character designer Tony). We’ll provide the fun descriptions if they are announced as appearing in the series.

The official Bikini Girls website describes the series as follows:

The series is set in an RPG world of swords and sorcery, where adventurers form a party to challenge the rule of the Demon King. However, the adventurers all have beautiful, enormous breasts and bikini armor!!

In addition to the anime series, manga and game adaptations of Bikini Warriors are planned. The website for the figures also includes short stories that tell the tale of the Bikini Warriors in the form of dialogue exchanges.

Source: Anime News Network