Welcome to another AniWeekly, everyone! Summer’s quickly coming, and with it is a new set of shows to enjoy! What are you all looking forward to watching?

This week, though, was filled with fun surprises. Monster maidens and mountains of mascots danced across the news feed, and Japan’s many mascots got some big-time attention!

In The News

So many mascots! Last Week Tonight with John Oliver took a good, hard look at the many mascots of Japan. Whether it’s Kumamom or Funassyi, it seems like everything from prefectures to prisons has a mascot. Oliver aims to clear the confusion, with his trademark wit and tongue-in-cheek humor.


It’s Dallos! No, not the one where JR got shot. Last week, Crunchyroll started streaming the 1983 anime classic, Dallos. Dallos was directed by Mamoru Oshii, and widely considered to be the first known appearance of the OVA.

Rockin’ the Mikagura School scene. FUNimation started streaming both Show by Rock!! and Mikagura School Suite on its YouTube channel in subtitled format. Both shows are available to fans in North America.

Now, the question is: “are you ready to rock (nya)?!”

Otaku no… Shut up and take my money! AnimEigo opened a preview for its upcoming Otaku no Video: Otaking Edition Blu-Ray KickStarter. The project has a $40,000 proposed goal, and it just looks amazing!

More monster maidens? The Monster Musume anime cast just grew a bit larger, with three new confirmed cast members. Mero the Mermaid, Rachnee the Drider (spider girl), and Suu the slime girl join the ever-expanding cast.

Monster Musume Key Visual 002 - 20150516

A boy and his beast. FUNimation announced that they licensed Mamoru Hosoda’s The Boy And The Beast for the United States. THe company plans a two-phase theatrical run, with select theaters showing the flick later this year, and a general release in 2016.

Farewell, Dejiko… The iconic Dejiko sign in Akihabara was taken down last week, to the surprise of many.

From The AniBlogging Community

From manga translators, for manga translators! Organization ASG published their annual “Advice on Manga Translation, From Manga Translators” article, which contains interviews with several industry professionals.

This year, Jennifer J. Ward (Love and Lies, In a Heartbeat), Elina Ishikawa (Tokyo Mew Mew), Wakana Catchpole (Ga-Rei), and Evan Galloway (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure) were selected to take part.

As always, it’s a fascinating read, that really gets into the details that tend to be glossed over, many times.

Tubacabra! The most recent episode of Sound! Euphonium seems to have struck a chord with Marina from Anime B&B. She discusses how her history in music line up with those of long-suffering tuba player Hazuki.

Made cafes, 101 Japan Powered goes into a brief cultural lesson, explaining the ins, outs, and business logic of the ever-popular Maid Cafe.

Weekly Fun Stuff!

This one’s for all of the Noragami fans out there. YouTuber TheMusicianGamerOtaku remixed the show’s opening theme, Goya no Machiawase, into an 8-bit chiptune. The end result is a fun, playful tune that could easily fit into the Mega Man music library.