There’s a crisis in the classroom, and this time it doesn’t have to do with the kid eating paste in the corner.

Earlier today, the official Classroom Crisis website updated with a lesson plan that fans will want to pay attention to. First period kicks off with a 15-second commercial that introduces the show’s three core cast members:

The series will feature Showtaro Morikubo as Kaito Sera, Ari Ozawa as Mizuki Sera, and Sora Amamiya as Iris Shirasaki. A few character visuals are available, which you can check out below:

For second period, fans can scope out an expanded staff list, which includes the following additions:

  • Chief Animation Directors: Satoshi Ishino, Takeshi Yoshioka, Ayumi Kurashima
  • Concept Art Design: Kazuhiro Hocchi
  • Mechanical Design: Toshinari Tanaka
  • Mechanical Prop Design: Takashi Akaishizawa
  • Color Plan: Reiko Iwasawa
  • Art Directors: Takashi Aoi, Masahiro Obata
  • Background Artist: Takuya Ebisawa
  • Director of Photography: Haruka Gotō
  • Editing: Takeshi Sadamatsu
  • Sound Director: Akiko Fujita
  • Music: Yuuki Hayashi

Previously, it was revealed that Kenji Nagasaki (Gundam Build Fighters) will direct the show at studio Lay-duce (Magi: Adventure of Sinbad). Oreimo character designer Hiro Kanzaki will provide the show’s character designs, while Satoshi Ishino fills the role of Animation Director. Fumiaki Maruto (Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend) will handle Classroom Crisis‘s scripts.

The original story was written by MONTWO.

For the final course, a new key visual was uploaded to the site:

Classroom Crisis Key Visual 002 - 20150522

Classroom Crisis was first announced in March. The series will be a multimedia franchise, with manga and novel adaptations planned, along with a spinoff novel. The manga prologue will be published Kadokawa’s Monthly Comic Alive‘s August issue, which hits newsstands on June 27.

The anime series will hit Japanese TV this July.

The novel adaptation will be written by Hajime Taguchi, and illustrations will be provided by the team of rin and Lay-duce. The spinoff novel will be handled by Hajime Asano. Both novels are expected to ship to retailers on July 24.

Previously, Classroom Crisis key visual was uploaded, along with a 15-second TV advertisement. You can check both out below for extra credit:


Key Visual

Classroom Crisis Key Visual 001 - 20150522

Source: Anime News Network