Sailor Moon is a series that earned its pedigree over the years. On top of being a driving force in the evolution of magical girl shows, heck, girl-focused anime in general, the series was able to define the very notion of anime for an entire generation of fans.

Sailor Moon‘s moved people to re-animate episodes of the show, or cover songs in live performances. Some would also argue that the series paved the way for the rise of heroines in comics and animation.

In short, the show’s reach is immense, and stretches far beyond the confines of the fan community. People who don’t even know anime are known to express their adoration of the series. It’s inspired truly jaw-dropping shows of affection like last year’s “Moon Animate, Make Up!”, which saw over 100 animators come together to re-animate an episode from the show.

Over the years, though, the franchise has appeared been a ton of media, from its 1991 anime series, to 2013’s Sailor Moon Crystal, to countless video games. It can get a bit daunting, for those looking to get their feet wet.

To help ease new fans into the mix (and provide some fun for series vets), the folks at Frederator’s Cartoon Hangover division put together a list of 107 fun facts about the series. offbeat character quirks, censorship, and even that infamous “Saban Moon” series get a moment in the spotlight.

The video clocks in at a massive 20 minutes, and it covers a few surprisingly in-depth topics, leading to a fun watch for casual fans and series wonks alike.