You’re a kid now! You’re a squid now! You’re…

Sorry. I couldn’t resist nabbing a line from Nintendo’s cheesy-fun Splatoon commercial.

Speaking of Splatoon, though, Nintendo’s been pulling all of the stops out in its marketing efforts, both in North America and abroad. On top of numerous “Global Test Fire” events, which served as a combination of demo and server stress test, Nintendo’s been making sure that Splatoon’s name appears everywhere possible.

In Japan, the Kyoto-based company’s gone so far as to commission a manga that ran in the June issue of Corocoro magazine.

Splatoon Manga 001 - 20150528

Apparently, Squid Girl creator Masahiro Anbe is also a bit of a fan of the game’s concept. In a cross-over event between Weekly Shonen Champion and gaming mag Famitsu Anbe provided a series of cross-over images, which feature his emissary from the sea going toe-to-toe with the Inklings of Splatoon.

Japan’s official Splatoon Twitter account began tweeting several of Anbe’s drawings this week, giving a short tease for the coming feature.

We’ve provided the original tweets below, along with a rough translation of the text.

In today’s Weekly Famitsu, we see a collaboration with another “Squid Girl.” What the hell is about to go down? Things have suddenly reached a boiling point with the other alleged “Squid Girl.” Check out the whole illustration in Weekly Famitsu.

We heard that today’s Weekly Shonen Champion release contains a series of collaborative illustrations between Inklings and another kind of squid known as “Squid Girl.” Apparently, there’s some collaboration in addition to the illustrations. Check out the whole illustartion in Weekly Shonen Champion.

My ICA Instutute colleagues drew a series of collaborative illustrations of the Inklings and the “Squid Girl”, to show off their looks. Mind you, it’s only a sketch for research. It’s the gift of the inquiring mind to the squid. It’s not that we find Squid Girl cute, not at all!